We are trusting you not to make copies of the resources on this site for others! A subscription is for one person, and we are trusting you not to let others use your login.

The TBox 2 Themes do offer you the ability to open and save your own copies of study resources. You can also print out pages for your own reference though, of course, you lose all interactivity by doing so.

But making copies of these resources and distributing them to others is not only unfair; it is also theft.

We ourselves never allow pirated or illegal copies of intellectual property of any sort to be used in our home or our work, and we share what we do with others on the basis of trust that you will not abuse that trust. Naive though we know that to be, we much prefer to live that way rather than behaving with suspicion and defiance.

In any case, even protection devices are of little real effect against a determined pirate, and such systems can be extremely annoying to the user too, so we don’t encumber our site with them.

All we ask is that you be reasonable and fair in your respect for the time, effort and devotion that we put into the satisfaction and pleasure of working for you all.